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Rail service has a rich history of driving this country’s economic growth by moving freight across India, yet it is not front of mind as an option in today’s fast moving logistics and supply chain industry.

As such, rail service has been left behind in the way many people think of today’s logistics and supply chain optimization, whether currently using rail service or not.

This blog focuses on bringing awareness to rail logistics service solutions by helping current and potential rail shippers understand there may be a better way for them to access rail services to take advantage of everything this mode has to offer their logistics and supply chain strategy. We will discuss the in’s and out’s of rail service, the companies that serve the market, what the value add services are for shippers and how to get the most from them.

Before digging into the topic of rail services, we do have to start off with discussing intermodal and rail service because they are significantly different and could cloud our discussion for some readers, so for those familiar with differences, please give us your patience over the next few paragraphs.

Types of Equipment Used for Rail Freight Service

Automotive Racks|

Designed to move automobiles, trucks, SUV’s and mini-vans.


The most common type of rail service. Designed to transport crated, palletized or large bulk items, such as paper stock rolls.

Coil Cars|

Designed for coiled steel and steel plate, along with other high-grade ores.

Covered Hoppers|

Designed to handle free-flowing dry bulk commodities that are loaded from the top and product is dispersed from the bottom.

Centerbeams |

Used to transport bundled building supplies. It has a center partition that secures the product in place.

Specialized Rail Equipment|

There are many specially designed rail equipment used on the railroad to move specific commodities for a particular company.

Why Choose our Rail Freight Service?:

  • Years of experience in rail transportation.
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  • A single place for complete rail cargo solution.
  • Easy multi-models handling and movement.

  • Safe, cost-effective, reliable and ethical services to clients.

  • No delay in delivery.

As a top railway cargo agent, we can help businesses to bring their goods to the intended market within the stipulated time and in best quality. We offer a reliable railway transport service and management with a modern consignment tracking system at any time.

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